Tree Services Mackay – Your Local Mackay Tree Loppers

Mackay Tree Services are your one go to tree service company based in the Mackay -Whitsunday region. We do all aspects of tree work including but not limited too:

  • Tree removals
  • Stump removals
  • Emergency Tree Works
  • Tree pruning and maintenance
  • + much more


Trees are an essential part of aesthetics in our gardens around the home and in commercial settings. However, there is more to just planting a tree and letting nature take its course. Without proper care and maintenance, trees can become intruding, annoying, and can sometimes even pose as major health and safety risks. This is where Tree Services Mackay has got you covered.

Tree Services Mackay are unrivalled in the Mackay and Whitsunday areas when it comes to all your tree needs. Whether it’s garden maintenance, tree lopping, pruning, tree removal or just a tree stump removal, our servicemen are here to help you out

We come to services with an arborists approach; this means that before we carry out any of the tree services we offer the property will undergo a professional assessment for deciding what the best course of action to proceed will be. This will be done with the clients specific needs taken into account. Shaping and chopping trees is what we do best, and we will strive to show this with our work.

​Our goal is to get your property looking the way it should, trees, like anything worth having need love and gentle maintenance and our team have built their livelihoods around just that. Along with doing an excellent job in shaping your trees or removing them, we also take all green waste off site so that you don’t have to worry about any of the clean up either!

A tree being removed in East Mackay

Tree Services We Provide

Tree Removal

We are your experts in tree emergency situations, whether a storm has knocked a tree down or it is posing a fire risk, we are always happy to help. As a small local business, we know that mother nature can play an unpredictable role in tropical North Queensland and have the perfect equipment to deal with anything that is thrown our way, including emergency clean up works for both commercial and domestic clients.

Emergency Tree Services

Mackay tree services can provide professional tree removal at an affordable price. Our climate is perfect weather for trees, allowing them to grow fast, and therefore drop dead branches, seeds and fruits on the floor building up in unwanted places. This process takes some high end expertise and specific machinery, both of which we possess here!

Tree Stump Removal

This service is needed when there is an invasive tree stump on your property is causing you grief after previous tree lopping has taken place. Stumps can take up a lot of room and also become obstacles themselves if not removed.

Tree Pruning

We are specialists in pruning trees in the Mackay area. We have all the equipment make tree trimming in those hard to reach places easy, as well as taking all the green rubbish off site. A good prune will remove the unwanted and dead branches to help maintain a healthy and safe growth for the tree.

Hedge Trimming

A well maintained hedge is very pleasing on the eye, much like a good haircut! Here at Mackay Tree Services, we are specialists in giving any hedge the proper treatment it needs, giving the hedge a nice well rounded appearance that enhances your property’s visual appeal.

Tree Reduction

Much like the name entails, this service is for reducing a trees height. The aim for this service is to promote the tree’s development of lower shoots which can the make the tree age in a natural way. This is where our arborist mind comes into play.

Mulch and Woodchipping

If you want to recycle your left over green rubbish, mulching or woodchipping it can save you money and look fabulous at the same time.

Areas that we cover in and around Mackay:

  • Mount Pleasant
  • Balberra
  • Cape Hillsborough
  • Andergrove
  • Balnagowan
  • Chelona
  • Dolphin Heads
  • Dunnrock
  • Eimeo
  • Foulden
  • Habana
  • Hay Point
  • Mackay Harbour
  • Munbura
  • Grasstree Beach
  • Salonika Beach
  • Alexandra
  • Belmunda
  • Alligator Creek
  • Bakers Creek
  • Beaconsfield
  • Cremorne
  • Dumbleton
  • East Mackay
  • Erakala
  • Glenella
  • Haliday Bay
  • Mackay
    • West Mackay
    • Homebush
    • Rural View
    • Mackay Canelands
    • Victoria Plains
    • Palmyra
    • Shoal Point
    • Marian
    • Colston Park
    • Campwin Beach
    • Sarina
    • Sarina Range
    • Walkerston
    • Te Kowai
      • Sunnyside
      • Benholme
      • Mia Mia
      • Mount Martin
      • Septimus
      • Pindi Pindi
      • Mentmore
      • Dows Creek
      • Mirani
      • Pinevale
      • Calen
      • St Helens Beach
      • Koumala
      • Brightly