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As the name entails, tree reduction is the reduction of the tree’s height and width. There are many reasons why you might want the overall tree size reduced. It might be a preventative measure to ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with powerlines or property, our arborists are here to help
 This is process is achieved by trimming back the branch tips that is back to a point of growth further down the branch. This allows the tree to maintain its health whist also bring down the overall size of the tree to a size that is more desirable to our valued customer.

Our experienced arborist will give a game plan for the best course of action for tree reduction as the species needs to be considered when reducing its height. Some species of trees should not have their crown vertically reduced. An example of this would be eucalyptus trees. Other deciduous trees are more tolerant to being vertically reduced. Vista Pruning is done so that a specific view is now able to be seen through the trees but again the best approach will be advised by our experienced team. Trees cant just simply be lopped to stumps either as this will cause a whole other host of problems, so please consider what’s being advised as this will be done so that your tree can still flourish healthily.

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