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Tree pruning is an essential service that must be done on trees if you want to keep your trees looking beautiful and lush while also keeping them at optimum health. Just like your car needs a service, or when you go to the doctor for a health check-up, pruning your trees is a service that will never harm them.
When a tree branch is dying, its most commonly because of either a lack of light, pests, disease or even root structure damage. The best way to nurse a tree back to health is to remove all the damaged or dying branches so that it can start the growing process again but hopefully in a healthier way. We are ultimately performing “surgery” on your tree and with an arborist approach, we can accurately determine which branches should remain and which should get the cut. Not only does this ensure your tree will get back to health the fastest, it can also prevent it from spreading to more of the tree.

Another great reason for keeping maintenance up to your trees is because it will also improve the safety of everything under them. When a branch becomes too weak to even hold its own weight the laws of physics take over and it has only one way to fall. To prevent damage to people and property, proper maintenance can ensure that we remove these before they can cause any problems. Also, when our team takes away the unnecessary branches on the top, it allows the ones underneath to become stronger and in turn eventually take more weight in the future. By removing excess material out of the canopy of the tree, it also allows for more air circulation from the bottom to the tops of the trees, allows more light in which can be very beneficial for any plants sitting on the floor of the garden. Not only that but by pruning the tops of the trees, this also helps during cyclones, with less material acting like a sail, the forces working on the tree during strong winds are significantly less. A well-maintained tree also just looks better. To allow it to grow in a healthy fashion and therefore able to stand strong winds is a bonus for everyone involved.

As mentioned previously pruning is not just about cutting branches off, its about carefully inspecting the tree and then targeting specific branches to remove. Our tree pruners are very experienced in climbing and working at heights. They have all the equipment required to scale trees and do their work in the safest manner possible. They are professionals in their field and when way up high, are still competent and quick.

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Here are some of the types of pruning that we can offer:
Selective Pruning: This is where certain problem branches are removed for the desired outcome. Sometimes just the position of where a branch is all that is wrong, for example it tapping on a window when there is a breeze, or perhaps over where you park your car and some birds have decided that is a good place for a toilet, whatever the problem, this service can fix it!

Remedial Pruning: Similar to deadwooding, this service removes diseased or damaged branches from the tree, promoting healthier growth.

Formative pruning: This sort of pruning is effectively giving your plants the blueprint to grow in the way you want them to. It encourages young plants to grow in the directions and formations that you want them to.

Palm Pruning: Again, as the name infers, this service is the pruning of palm fronds that are close to falling to prevent them from making a mess and causing damage.

Deadwooding: As you can probably infer from the name, this is when dead branches are removed to prevent hazardous situations such as strong winds and promote healthier growth.

Crown Thinning: This service reduces the thickness and fullness of the canopy by removing secondary branches. This allows more light and air circulation into the property or to obtain a view that has been lost over the course of the tree growth.

Crown Lifting: This is where the lowest branches are removed and therefore improves clearance underneath.

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