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Let’s start from the start, the worker is not a tree lopper. A very common misconception held by the majority of the public is that what we do is tree lopping. Tree lopping is when the tops of tree are “lopped” off for the purpose of logging, other names for this include hat racking, rounding over, and tipping. The problem with tree lopping is that it leaves the tree unhealthy and unable to grow in a natural way again. The branches that are left are not normally “leading branches” and this means that they will have stunted, deformed, growth and that the new joints of the trees are significantly weaker. Not only does this make the tree a hazard in storm season, but it also doesn’t look visually appealing.

Removing trees is tough, physically demanding and highly technical work. It’s not just as simple as climbing up with a chainsaw and hacking at will, although that is a common misconception and this view is held by the majority of the public. No, tree extraction is a very thought out process and no tree removal service is the same. The arborist must determine what approach is going to prioritise, first and foremost, their safety, followed by the safety of personnel and property. Whether it must be one branch at a time, or stick by stick, our team will know exactly how to get the job done quickly and safely. Other things that will need to be considered beforehand when engaging in the service of tree removal is how much you want removed. Unless otherwise specified we will assume that the tree will be wanting to be cut from full height, down to ground level. 

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Some more considerations for the removal of trees that need to be considered is what you want done with the tree once its been removed. As we will most likely only be taking it to a green waste site to dispose of it, we are more than happy to have it cut into pieces and left onsite to be reused as firewood for those cold winter nights. We can also use the branches and put them through our chipper to be reused around the home as garden filler and the like. Some of these services may have an additional cost but these are good to be aware of. You will also need to specify if you want the stump removed as this is another service and requires different machinery and techniques to complete. For this reason, additional costs will be added, however if this made known to us this can also speed up the process as we can bring all the equipment needed to carry out the complete removal of the tree. 

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