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Have any unwanted stumps lurking around your property? We are experts in grinding out those unwanted guests taking up precious real estate. Not only do unwanted stumps look ugly but can become tripping hazards, can penetrate through plumbing and harbour pests! Grinding out stumps can free up space to get that lawn you’ve always wanted, build a patio, or just take away the eyesore laying in the middle of the yard. We are dedicated to pulling out stumps and if we can’t do it, nobody can!
Why can’t we just leave the stumps in the ground? As mentioned before, they look ugly and can harbour pests, but did you know just because there might only be a stump left, the tree might not be dead? This means that if you’re your stump is in close proximity to electrical lines or plumbing; they can start growing into and sometimes completely block drains! However, if the stump is dead and sitting there useless just taking up space, it can also become a fire danger. Leaving old dried out stumps leaves fuel lurking around your property, and after seeing the recent bushfires leave a blazing trail of devastation in their wake, the less dry fuel laying around the better. Stumps will eventually rot away, but this could take years! In the process of rotting away the tree stumps are also susceptible to disease which may not only affect the tree, but other neighbouring plants in your gardens. See how leaving these stumps can start compounding problems?
We grind stumps in a variety of ways, and this all depends on the job. Our main methods include a handheld stump grinder and a Rhyscorp Stump humper. Our handheld grinder is perfect suited for the daily grind. Being handheld, it’s greatest feature is that it can squeeze into the tighter spots, although small, it does not lack power! Easily grinding through stumps in those hard to reach places with ease. It’s bigger brother, the Rhyscorp Stumphumper melts through stumps like a hot knife through butter! It can mulch stumps down to a sawdust so that your stump can be built over or covered with a much more pleasing plant. By grinding the stumps down below the surface, it severs the roots that prevent growth. Don’t worry about what else lies beneath, our highly skilled team will do all the due diligence necessary first, such as get dial before you dig out on site to check for services first. 

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There is always the option to dig out stumps by hand, but stumps are like icebergs! What you see on the surface is normally on a piece of what lurks beneath and if digging by hand, large stumps can turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth. Another alternative is to hire out stump grinders, however for someone quite “green” to the world of stump grinders, these can be extremely dangerous. A dead stump is not worth losing a finger or an arm for. Chemically removing a stump is another process that works; however it is a painstakingly slow process and can take months or even years for big stumps! If you get it to a point where you can take it out of the ground, you still have to dispose of it, and large stumps can be a hefty amount at the tip!

So with all the risks that lurk beneath, why attack it yourself? We pride ourselves on being able to do the jobs that others shy away from, and stump grinding is our bread and butter. We have the perfect equipment, the knowhow, and attitude to pull up the stumps that just don’t deserve to be there anymore. We’re professionals in the field and would be more than happy to bid them farewell on your behalf at an affordable price! You’d be mad to do anything else other than use our service to uproot those pesky piles of wood.

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